The planet belongs to the next generation.

Pioneer Square Brands is working to preserve it.

Sustainability at Pioneer Square Brands

For decades our three brands have crafted best-in-class products with the future in mind. Our device cases are carried by students all over the world who will become future leaders in protecting our Earth. As a company, we are committed to providing perfect protection that also preserves our planet for generations of future leaders to come.

Pioneer Square Brands by the numbers...

0 lbs

of yearly waste kept out of landfills!

0 Football fields

worth of cardboard saved each year!

0 %

Reduction in installation time!

What does this mean?

We’re reducing plastic and cardboard waste and utilizing recycled materials to ensure students using our device cases get the best protection that is also protecting their world. 

We’re also dedicated to creating more products in North America to reduce waste and improve turnaround time for our partners. 

Recycled Packaging

We've worked to source recycled packing materials to reduce plastic waste.

Faster Deployment

Our simplified, less wasteful packaging reduces deployment time by 60%, and creating more products in North America reduces impacts from shipping.

Quick Install

Approximately 6-second installation, reducing install time by 70%.